Conference Topics

23rd ICE/IEEE ITMC Topics

Smart-Cities, Living-Labs and Open Innovation Ecosystems
- Frugal innovations in developing countries
- Quadruple Helix Innovation Systems and Smart Specialisation
- Developing tech-based family firms and social enterprises
- Science and technology parks and business incubators
- Collaborative innovation and living-labs
- Open Data and Big Data for Social Change
- Technology foresight and technology road mapping
- Novel Approaches, Frameworks and Paradigms for Innovation
- Best Practices in Innovation Management for Product, Service, Process and Business Model Innovation
- Value Co-creation and Co-Innovation Strategies
- Open Innovation Networks and Ecosystems
- Open User-Centred Innovation Ecosystems in Living Labs
- User-Driven Innovation & User Co-creation
- Social & Responsible Innovation
- Cutting Edge Tools and Methodologies for Creativity & Innovation

Systems Engineering
- Innovative methods and tools for product and service design and engineering
- New business models for mass-customized products and services
- Intelligent maintenance and repair operations and services
- Advanced after-sales services
- Global value chain design and management
- Distributed engineering and manufacturing
- Lifecycle analysis, estimation, assessment and optimization
- Lean and system thinking in engineering and development
- Virtual and digital tools for lifecycle engineering

Factories of the Future: Advances in Engineering, Technologies and Innovation
- Digital Technologies in the Factory Floor
- Energy and Material Efficiency
- Collaborative and Networked Factories
- Human-Centred Manufacturing
- Data Security, Liability & Integrity in Connected Factories
- Product Life-Cycle Management & Business Models in a Product-Service Economy
- Lightweight Components & High Precision Manufacturing
- High-Performance Computing & Simulation
- Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Joining Technologies
- Next Generation Robotics & Mechatronics in Manufacturing
- Innovation in integrated approaches for sustainable process industries
- Innovative Products and Services
- Advanced Middle- and End-of-Lifecycle Services
- Circular Manufacturing
- Industrial Product Service Systems
- Lean and System Thinking in Engineering
- Lifecycle Analysis, Estimation, Assessment and Optimisation
- Closed-Loop and Reverse Value Chains and Networks
- Digital Technologies and New Business Models
- ICT for Manufacturing

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
- Advanced Computing and Cloud Computing
- Software Technologies
- Collective awareness platforms for sustainability and social innovation
- Big data methods and analytics
- Cross-Sectorial and Cross-Lingual data integration
- Media and content convergence
- Smart digital content in creative industries
- Technologies for Learning and Skills
- Learning Analytics
- Gaming and Gamification


Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
- Smart Cyber Physical Systems
- Smart Systems Integration
- Engineering, Technology and Innovation in IoT/CPS application domains
- Usage of Networked Devices Enabled Intelligence
- NFC Technology and its Application in IoT
- Tracking and Tracing in the Supply Chain
- Distributed decision systems
- Multi-agent systems
- Data-driven mechanisms
- Servicisation of the CPS architecture
- Quality and resilient control of manufacturing systems
- Specification languages for monitoring and testing
- Combination of statistic and dynamic analysis

- Standardisation challenges in IoT
- Data privacy and security in IoT
- Next Generation of Networked RFID Systems
- Middleware for Networked Embedded Systems towards Future Internet of Things
- The Future IoT Applications

ICT for Health, Wellbeing and Active Assisted Living (AAL)
- Role of Connected Health Innovation Centres and Intermediaries
- Human-centered design for Connected Health
- Advances in tele-health, digital health and tele-monitoring
- M-health solutions and technologies for disease management
- Assistive living and point of care diagnostics
- Connected health and wellbeing business modelling and case studies
- Solutions to implementation barriers and revenue models
- Frugal health and wellbeing products and services
- Big data to support better diagnosis and treatment outcomes
- Health care for citizens through ICT solutions
- Mobility of citizens with chronic diseases
- Improve the social capacity of citizens and medical professionals to utilise eHealth technologies

- Empowerment of citizens through lifelong learning and self-monitoring
- eHealth among medical professionals and citizens
- ICT based solutions for Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions of Elderly People
- ICT based solutions for Advancement of Social Interaction of Elderly People
- ICT-based Solutions for Advancement of Older Persons’ Independence and Participation in the “Self-Serve Society”
- ICT based solutions for Advancement of Older Persons’ Mobility
- ICT-based Solutions for (Self-) Management of Daily Life Activities of Older Adults at Home
- ICT based solutions for Supporting Occupation in Life of Older Adults
- Care for the future
- Living actively and independently at home

Robotics and Autonomous Systems
- Engineering, Technology and Innovation in Robotics and Autonomous Systems application domains
- Symbolic and sensory based robot control
- Learning in the context of autonomous systems
- Multi-modal sensor-based robot control
- Human oriented approaches for robotics
- Assistance and Service Robotics in a Human Environment
- Intelligent Autonumous Systems
- Effective, robust, and scalable robotic systems

Sustainable Green Engineering
- Smart Energy Grids
- Energy Efficiency in Social Housing and Energy Storage
- Smart, green and integrated transport
- Sustainable and eco-friendly products and services
- Intelligent and extended products and services
- Metrics and performance measurement for sustainable products and services

Crisis and Disaster Management
- Crisis management networks
- Disaster connectivity and communication
- Sustainable product, service and system development
- Implementation strategies for sustainable innovation
- Collaborative environments and workplaces
- Collaborative smart networks, homes, cities and regions

Sustainable Technology Management
- Management of Technology Programmes
- Technology & Knowledge Transfer Offices
- Technology Foresight and Technology Roadmapping
- Technology Commercialisation Strategies
- Intellectual Property Management
- Patenting & Licensing Strategies

Educating Tomorrow’s Project Managers, Engineering Managers and Innovation Managers
- Humanitarian Engineering
- Living lab and multidisciplinary approaches
- Frugal Engineering in developing countries
- Management of Technology Programme
- Triple-bottom line or economic/social/environmental business models and methods
- Technology-based social entrepreneurship and innovation programme
- Global multidisciplinary project teams

Women & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
- Leadership Motivators & Influencers Shaping the Future of Women in STEM Academic Degrees
- Bias, Barriers and Opportunities for Women in STEM Professions
- Factors Impacting Women in STEM Professions
- Female Leadership & Management in STEM Professions
- Beyond Gender Equality - The Power of Diversity in STEM Teams
- Technology-based Projects & Initiatives Oriented to Women

Research and Innovation for Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage
- Smart digital content in the creative industries
- Richer interpretation of the past through data analytics
- Innovation in searching digital content which used to be inaccessible or buried among huge amounts of data
- Tagging and meta-data for diverse media digital content
- Novel ways of digital content production and management in the creative industries.
- Analytical tools, automatic contextualisation and identification of digital content

Digital Entrepreneurship & Tech Startups
- Software startups
- Entrepreneurial Mindset and Attitudes
- Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies
- Intrapreneurship in Corporations
- Coaching and Supporting [Tech] Startups & Spin-offs
- Digital start up and digital scale venture and their entrepreneurs
- Innovation procurement networks
- Understand and successfully develop digital startups and scale ups
- Support digital startups and scale ups to reach to the next level
- Address the emergence of the Internet of Everything type of start ups and scale ups
- National, Regional & Local Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems
- Business Incubators & Accelerators Management
- Business Family Firms Guidance and Support
- Science and Technology Parks Management
- Business Model Innovation
- The emergence of the Internet of Everything type of startups and scale ups
- How cities contribute to the creation of ecosystems that help lever startups and scale ups development
- How foreseeable interconnectivity of the Internet of Everything across a myriad of city agents and devices may enable economic development and social change. 
- Models for Strategic Knowledge Management
- Strategic Knowledge Management in Organizations
- Role of ITC in Knowledge Management
- Knowledge Management Benchmarking Systems
- Knowledge Capture
- Knowledge Modelling & Models
- Knowledge Bases
- Linked Data and Semantic Web

- Domain Ontologies (architecture, engineering, construction, operation, medicine, pharmacy, manufacturing, public sector, etc.)
- Ontology Engineering
- Ontology Alignment
- Fuzzy Ontologies
- Ontology-based Representation and Reasoning
- Big Data and Semantic Data Management
- Reinforced Learning

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
- Big data and Open data
- Security and Privacy
- Smart Urban Mobility & Logistics
- Transport network capacity planning and optimization
- ITS Infrastructure
- Environment and Energy Efficiency in ITS
- Satellite technology applied to mobility
- Connected and Automated Transport
- Safe, Secure and Resilient Transport Systems
- Human Machine Interfacing in ITS
- Standardisation in ITS
- The impact of social media in ITS
- New Business Models for ITS

Smart Buildings
- Energy and resources management
- Innovative Products and Services
- Intelligent/Smart Buildings
- Smart Building and the Sustainable/Green paradigm
- Advanced Middle- and End-of-Lifecycle Services: Maintenance & Repair Operations
- Remanufacturing & Refurbishment Services; Recycling Services / Circular economy

- Industrialisation / Additive manufacturing
- Lean and System Thinking
- Distributed Engineering
- Lifecycle Analysis, Estimation, Assessment and Optimisation
- Innovative value chains, networks & frameworks
- Digital Technologies and New Business Models & ICT
- Deployment and assessment of large-scale experimentation or demonstrators of EEB (Energy-Efficient Buildings)

Energy Efficiency
- Consumers and end-users
- Buildings
- Public Authorities
- Industry
- Products & Services
- Heating & Cooling
- Financial issues

Innovative Mechatronic Systems for Added Value Applications
- Modeling
- Simulation
- Formal Verification
- Synthesis
- Design
- Embedded systems
- Networked systems
- Interoperability
- Internet of Things
- Industry 4.0
- Software engineering
- Hardware engineering
- Sensors technology
- Intelligent Robotic systems
- System analysis and control
- Discrete-Event Systems
- Real-Time Systems
- Continuous-Time Systems
- Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
- Intelligent Models and Control Systems
- Optimization-based Decision Support Models
- Web-based Decision Support Systems
- Soft Modeling in Production Engineering
- Knowledge & Learning Technologies
- Applications of Methods and Decision Support Systems
- Emerging Methodologies in Engineering Education
- Knowledge-Based Learning

Development of PEBs (Positive Energy Blocks) and their integration in Smart Cities 
- Technological aspects, especially including ICT (digital transformation)
- Processes and collaborative working
- PEB and the Circular Economy.
- Deployment and assessment of large-scale experimentation or demonstrators of PEB

Key Enabling Technologies (KET) for SME's
- New solutions building blocks for enterprise architecture
- KET based enterprise operating systems
- Integrations architectures for open solutions in industry
- Concurrent solutions for modelling, simulation and analytic
- IT enablers to accelerate enterprise transformation
- Change management processes and sustainability growth of SME’s


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