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Some workshops may have a differente deadline for paper submission. Contact the workshop chair for more details.

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Driving competitiveness through circular economy (W1.1) download-(1).jpg



Sustainability supply chain tools and innovative business models


Chair: Prof. Luca Caneta (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), ISTSP, Switzerland)

Co-Chair: Stephan Hankammer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)



IEEE WIE-PT: Challenge Equality (W1.2) download-(1).jpg

Chair: Ana Margarida Trigo (IEEE WiE Portugal Section - Affinity Group Women in Engineering, Portugal)

Co-Chair: Filomena Soares (WiE-IEEE, Portugal); and, Celina Pinto Leão (WiE-IEEE, Portugal)



Ecosystem of Mobility (W1.3) download-(1).jpg

Interdisciplinary aspects of anticipated changes in mobility

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ludwig Martin (Hochschule Pforzheim University, Germany)

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr Henning Hinderer



Advances on Digital Cultural Heritage (W1.4) download-(1).jpg


Selected and presented papers will be published as a chapter in a Springer-Nature book (Advances on Digital Cultural Heritage) reflecting the breakthroughs and future perspectives of Digital Cultural Heritage.
Important Dates:
            - Submission: 27th May 2017
            - Notification of Acceptance: 9th June 2017
            - Camera-ready for publication: 23rd June 2017

For paper submission please go to: 

Chair: Marinos Ioannides (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus)

Co-Chair: Prof. João Martins (FCT-UNL, Portugal)



Clean Integrated Energy System for all European (W1.5) download-(1).jpg


Chair: M. Eng. Lola Alacreu (ETRA I+D, Spain)

Co-Chair: Ana Maria Arias (ETRA I+D, Spain)



Agile Product Development Discussed and Applied (W1.6) download-(1).jpg


Building a Pasta Bridge in an Agile Manner

Chair: Tobias Schmidt (University of the German Federal Armed Forces - IITM, Germany)

Co-Chair: Annette Böhmer (Technical University of Munich, Germany)



Is logistics catching up the pace of emerging technologies? (W1.7) download-(1).jpg



Are emerging ICT technologies perceived as necessary or as threats?

Chair: Dr. Margherita Forcolin (Leiden University, Netherlands)

Co-Chair: Dr. Ruben Costa (UNINOVA - GRIS, Portugal)



How are Services and Industry gamifying themselves?

Why gamifying? (W1.8)  download-(1).jpg    


The impact of gamification in Services and Services

Chair: Prof. António Grilo (UNIDEMI - FCT NOVA, Portugal)

Co-Chair: Prof. Wim Westera (The Open University of the Netherlands, Coordinator of the RAGE project, Netherlands)




Increase Sustainability Awareness and Consumption through User

Interface Design


Implementation and perception of sustainability product features in co-creation configurator design

Chair: Dr.-Ing Maike Hora (e-hoch-3 Maike Hora - Meriem Tazir GbR, Germany)

Co-Chairs: Dr. Sultan Kaygin Sel (UI/UX Team, Vestel Electronics, Turkey)



Emerging ICT Technologies for the public sector - how innovating the

public sector helps meeting societal needs

Chair: Nuria Rodriguez Dominguez (ATOS Madrid, Spain)

  • Sotiris Koussouris (National Technical University of Athens , Greece)
  • Enrico Ferro (ISBM Turin, Italy)
  • Sonja Grigoleit (Fraunhofer INT Euskirchen,Germany)



Digital Entrepreneurship: Creating  and Doing Business in Digital Era 


  • António Grilo, Department of Mechanical Engineering - FCT/UNL, Portugal
  • David Romero, Center for Innovation  in Design and Technology - Tecnológico de Monterrey, México



Societal and Ethical Challenges in the Era of Big Data (W1.13) download-(1).jpg


Exploring the emerging issues and opportunities of big data management and analytics

Chair: Richard Stevens (Consulting Director IDC, Italy)

Co-Chair: Daniel Bachlechner (Senior Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany)



Smart Data Systems and Applications (W1.14) download-(1).jpg

Chair: Mike Papazoglou (European Research Institute in Services Science (ERISS), Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
  • Carmen Constantinescu (Fraunhofer IAO, Germany)
  • Andreas Andreou (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus)



Improving Quality of Life through Advanced Technology (W1.15) download-(1).jpg


Submissions to this workshop have different deadlines, as follows:
Important Dates:
            - Submission: 30th April 2017
            - Notification of Acceptance: 12th May 2017
            - Camera-ready for publication: 06th June 2017

Chair: João Sarraipa (UNINOVA - GRIS, Portugal)

Co-chair: Gary McManus, TSSG, Ireland



Data Warehouse for Agility in Entrepreneurship (W1.16) download-(1).jpg


Lean Start up, Business Modelling, Prototyping and Co-creation

Chair: Yngve Dahle (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

Co-chair: Andreas Wulvik, Heikki Sjöman and Jardar Winjum 
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Roadmapping (W1.17) download-(1).jpg

Chair: Meike Reimann (Steinbeis 2i GmbH , Germany)



Increased data reuse in Europe: An opportunity and a challenge at the same



Chair: Daniel Bachlechner (Fraunhofer ISI, Germany)

Co-Chair: Klara Süveges-Heilingbrunner (IVSZ, Hungary)



PSS Innovation Process (W1.19) download-(1).jpg


Chair: Guy Doumeingts  (Interop V-Lab, France)

Co-Chair: Maria-Jose Nuñez  (AIDIMME, Spain)



Model Driven Approach for Manufacturing Modelling and Simulation (W1.20) download-(1).jpg


Chair: Guy Doumeingts  (Interop V-Lab, France)

Co-Chair: Gregory Zacharewicz (University of Bordeaux, France)



Reconfigurable Production System compliant to industry 4.0 (W1.21) download-(1).jpg


Chair: José Barata  (UNINOVA, Portugal)

Co-Chair: Paulo Leitão (UTAD, Portugal)



Factories of the Future: Engineering, Technology & Innovation

Management Beyond 2020


Chairs: Eduardo Saiz (IK4-Ikerlan, Spain) and Ricardo Gonçalves (UNINOVA, Portugal)
Raúl Poler (UPV, Spain) and Gash Bhullar (C2KLimited, United Kingdom)



OPTIMUM Worskhop (W1.23) download-(1).jpg


Chair: Irene Matzakou (INTRASOFT International, Greece)

Co-chair: Ruben Costa 
(UNINOVA, Portugal)

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